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Футболист, оставшийся без клуба, ходит на стадион молить о работе

Джо Андерсон каждый день приходит к стадиону Хьюстон Тексанс и умоляет руководство клуба дать ему шанс.
Джо Андерсон – самый накаченный попрошайка в мире
Джо Андерсон – самый накаченный попрошайка в мире

Выпускник Университета Южного Техаса Андерсон – принимающий. На драфте 2015 года ни одна команда НФЛ не выбрала его, и спортсмен попробовал проявить себя на просмотрах в Чикаго и Филадельфии. Но эти клубы не посчитали нужным заключать с игроком контракт.

Парень настолько сильно хочет получить место в НФЛ, что в прямом смысле слова стал попрошайкой. Андерсон каждый день приходит к стадиону Хьюстон Тексанс и умоляет руководство клуба дать ему шанс.

"Не бездомный… Но голоден до успеха. Буду бегать за еду. #ЧегоБыЭтоНеСтоило #Андердог #Яверю #Голоден", – гласит надпись на картонке.


#NothingWillStopMe Lord it's all in your hands, all I know is that I believe it by faith and see it all happening even when it looks like a joke before the eyes of man! I fill myself with humility and say let your Will be done and use me to allow others to believe in your power!!!! Im not looking at my situation with a worldly mindset and that's what's gonna seperate me my hunger can't be matched my heart can't be compared too, I'm outside the Houston Texans facility every morning, because I kno what type of gift God has blessed me with!!! A lot of people don't really live out the meaning #WhateverItTakes they just sayin it!!! You gotta really live that junk if you say it and believe in yourself and trust in the Lord, and living it don't just mean hold up a sign!! Oh there is much pain behind holding this sign an it's not from bein doubted or the underdog, like how bad do you really want it?? Forget a publicity stunt Boyz is Really HUNGRY out hur dawg to the point if the coach wanna line up I'll route him up too, to the point if it's special teams an the REF get in the way I'll hit him too!! It's something flickering in my head everyday with much Humility and WILL power to go the extra mile when it come to believing in myself and proven all doubters wrongI'm not just chasing greatness for myself/family but for all the people that lack faith and wanna quit and don't believe God still moves, DAWG if you gotta DREAM GO GET THAT!! Let ZERO What If's stand in the way go to the grave on E, not off what someone told you you can't do...Create and tell your testimony don't be ashamed of it, do it all for the glory of the kingdom take yourself outta the picture I'm out here on FAITH, it's bigger than just collecting a check to me straight up! The way I do what I do and why I do what I do isn't just to score touchdowns and gain fame that's far from the case I don't need all that cause I'm already famous in spirit an you can't get no famous than that, when I get my shot you'll see what the Lord is truly about to do in my life and I pray wit all my heart it inspires you to never Give up.When your purpose means more than your situation God will give you favor #TAGandREPOST

Фото опубликовано Joe Anderson (@_joeanderson)


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